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Emma Fabrics Bows- Pigtail Bows (Alligator Clip)

Emma Fabrics Bows- Pigtail Bows (Alligator Clip)

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Cute toddler girl hair bows attached to a pinch clip/alligator clip.  These bows are made of fabric and come in a wide selection of modern colors to match with toddler girl's fashion outfits. Adorable fabric bow perfect for pigtails or side sweeping bangs hairstyles. Create that classic side swept look with a bow tucked in the side or use two to decorate the front of pigtails. She will need hair for this to work with beautiful results.  

The bow spans about 4 inches across and is 2.5 inches tall .  It is adhered to a teethy pinch clip. See the additional images for a picture of the back of the clip. You need hair for this to work.  Will not work on baldies!

Best for age 12M+.

Instructions to use Pinch Clip:

♥ Alligator clips are single prong metal barrette, you pinch one end open (like an alligator's mouth) then slide in the hair and release.  The two parts will close down on the hair.

♥ Use Caution with the point, there are also little "teeth" on this clip to grip the hair. 

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